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VooPoo Alpha One (a-I) 222W for this review came our way from Healthcabin.net. A versatile box mod, powered by the super US Gene Fun chip with dual 18650 batteries. Cool, clean, all-metal box fast and fastest fire speed - 0.025s.

*What's in the VOOPOO Alpha One Box

Voopoo Alpha One package Gene chip

We received the sleek all black version in slide-out box containing:

  • VooPoo Alpha One (a-I) 222W TC Mod
  • USB cable
  • Warranty card
  • User manual

They also come in all silver and in silver&brown combo.

*VOOPOO Alpha One (a-I) 222W Basic Info

  • Dimensions: 89.5 x 54 x 25 mm
  • Runs od 2 x 18650 batteries (balanced charge)
  • Power Output: 5-222W
  • Output Voltage: 0-7.5V
  • Min. resistance in Power mode: 0.05 Ohm
  • Min. resistance in TC mode: 0.05 Ohm
  • Gene chip
  • Love Mode (heat pulses on wattage higher than 160W)
  • Software updates through USB connection with computer
  • TC for SS, NI, TI and NC
  • Mechanical Mode with Voltage adjustment
  • Protections: battery reverse, timeout, temp, current, charge, discharge, short protections
Voopoo Alpha One Gene chip mod

- VOOPOO Alpha One (a-I) 222W characteristics

VOOPOO Apha One Gene chip

VooPoo Alpha One has the same GENE chip as VooPoo Drag. Besides having a different look and being slightly larger than its predecessor, Alpha One has higher power output (222W to Drag's 157W). Distinctively retro, minimalist, 80's VCR look is achieved with zinc alloy and aluminum battery cover material combo. Unfortunately it seems like ergonomy wasn't very high on priorities list of VooPoo. Alpha One's edges are sharp, and as a vaper who is used to small and curvy mods, this was very noticeable to me. When I look past the edges, one more thing bugged me - the buttons.

Despite quite large surface of the buttons, only a firm press in the middle is detected. Alpha One dimensions make it suitable for larger atomizers (up to 24mm) which pleasantly surprised me. Even atomizers with diameter of 25mm will just barely protrude in the front. Base of 510 connector is somewhat elevated, just enough to save the paint from constant scratching from screwing on/off.

Voopoo Alpha One Gene chip mod

- Gene chip

Power behind VooPoo Alpha One is VooPoo's well known Gene chip and it's 0.025s response time. Although Gene is all the rage for a while now, this was a first time I played around with it. I'll have to concur with the praisers, I'm thrilled with it generally and quite pleased with the range of options.

Voopoo Alpha One Gene chip mod

Choosing between regulation modes VW,TC SS, TC Ni200 or TC Ti is done with 3 clicks on the trigger button. As simple as this is, it should be done only when atomizer isn't on. Mod triggers almost instantly and if an atomizer with TC material coil is on, coils resistance will be skewered.

After 13 seconds of inactivity the display dims, and after 30 seconds it turns off. Furthermore, there's an option to lock all the buttons, while unfortunately there's no stealth option in which the display will turn off but the mod can be used.

- VW menu options

VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu

Holding + and - buttons simultaneously while in VW mode, enters the sub-menu from which you can:

  • go back to the main screen
  • choose from 5 pre-made/custom profiles
  • turn LOVE mode on/off
  • switch between W (watt) and V (volt)
  • check Gene chip ID
  • check software version
VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu
VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu

If you choose one of the memorized (M1-M5) profiles, info will be displayed on the main screen. 

VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu

Pressing the trigger button 4 times gives access to profile customization and then you can choose the wattage for every second in duration of 0 to 9 seconds.

VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu

LOVE mode is on by default and activates on wattages over 160W. When LOVE mode is on, it pulses heat several times in a second. For instance, if you set the wattage on 200W, VooPoo Alpha One, when triggered, will pulse between 120W and 200W. The idea behind the LOVE mode is to get less invading high powered hit while saving the battery life.

- TC menu options

VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu

TC mode has similar sub-menu options as VW. Holding + and - buttons simultaneously while in one of 3 TC modes, enters the sub-menu from which you can:

  • go back to the main screen
  • choose from 5 pre-made/custom profiles
  • manually choose coil resistance
  • manually choose coil material temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR)
  • check Gene chip ID
  • check software version
VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu
VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu

Accessing and customizing the M1-M5 profiles is the same as in VW mode.

VOOPOO Apha One Gene Chip Menu

- Setting VooPoo Alpha One temperature/wattage

Power output in VW mode can be set from 5W to 222W, in increments of 1W by holding down + or - button. If LOVE mode is on, it turns on automatically after 159W and displays the info on the screen, so you'll need to keep pressing the + button to continue upping the wattage.

What's peculiar is that constant holding of the button does not speed up the digits, whilst in contrast, constant holding the button in TC mode speeds up increasing/decreasing the temperature the longer you hold it.

You can set temperature in TC modes from 100 to 315C, or 200 to 600F. Another quirk is that crossing between C and F is only possible at minimum temperatures. You have to - after 100C to cross to F, or - after 200F to cross to C (+ on the highest of temperatures does not cross C/F).

* VOOPOO Alpha One (a-I) 222W Summary

It's hard to write a conclusion, when I have conflicting feelings about Alpha One. On one hand, it has loads of futures, excellent performance and elegant design, and on the other it's shape is hard to fit in a hand. Above all, Gene chip and it's minimum response time wins out.

Thanks to Healthcabin.net for making this VOOPOO Alpha One (a-I) 222W review possible!

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