Box Mod

Box mods are vape mods featuring a boxy shape and the possibility to use two, three or even four 18650 or other types of batteries. Some even come with an internal battery of up to 5.000mAh. 

All the best box mods feature either variable wattage, variable voltage or both and most have temperature control feature as well as a myriad of adjustments so that you can personalize the mod to your preferences

How are box mods different? From the chip quality, to the overall durability, from the screen size to the ergonomics - there are hundreds of vape box mods out there. We narrowed the list down to the best six box mods to date!


Best features:



Stylish and large HD Screen
Easy to navigate interface
Consistent and reliable performance


Excellent ergonomics
Accurate and fast power output
Cool screen with 2 UIs


Fantastic GENE chip
Fires with zero delay
Beautiful side finishes



Great value for money overall
Long-lasting vaping time
2A fast charging port



3 18650 batteries for super-long battery life
Impressive 300W output
Small, light and ergonomic



Ultra-slim body with dual 18650 configuration

2A battery balancing trickle charging
Huge and easy to read screen



The Smok X-Priv is another very classy and elegant dual 18650 box mod from SMOK with excellent body construction, 2-inch high definition screen, a multitude of color selections and innovative screen design. 

This vape box mod has a maximum output of 225 watts, giving you enough power to use any kind of sub-ohm builds or coil heads. 

The power output and the adjustment options make SMOK X-Priv box mod a great choice for most tastes.

You can easily set the power to your preference whether you want a warm and smooth vape on a lower wattage or a little warmer and dense vape at higher wattages in order to chuck those massive clouds. 

The X Priv only has 3 buttons. The long side firing key is a standard SMOK feature and there are also the up and down buttons for temperature control and other adjustments.  

We always recommend that you charge your batteries are charged externally, but there is a micro USB port on the front of the mod, which you can use to charge the device and for firmware updates.

Overall, SMOX XiPriv is one of the most elegant devices to date. Maybe the huge HD screen could have gone in the touch screen direction but it's more likely just the way SMOK planned it in order to set a new trend. Excellent choice for a new box mod in any case!

Cylon 218W TC Box Mod from Smoant is their best dual 18650 mod to date.  Super-precise chipset with two user interfaces to choose from will not disappoint even the pickiest vapers.

Cylon measures 90mm x 47mm x 33mm, has a quality feel to it and sits great in the hand. The protruding but protected fire button is on the side and it does fire up almost instantly.

The quality 510 is centered, which has become a standard feature. It can take tanks up to 27mm.

The screen is big and bright with a standard Smoant UI plus the new speedometer-style UI. All the info is clearly visible and it's super-easy to scroll through the menu to adjust all the settings just the way you want them

Below the screen there are two buttons (up and down) and a USB charging/upgrading port. There's no rattle and the buttons are easy to find and all three buttons are responsive.

The hinged battery door keeps the two 18650 batteries safe and snug inside the mod. On-board charging works well but we do recommend a good external charger and, of course a pair (or better still two pairs) of high-drain batteries.

Apart from the power mode, there are TC and TCR modes so that you can get the best of Cylon which will meet the needs of a great majority of vapers.

This beast of a mod is quality, well-made and beautifully designed with artificial leather on the sides. With 2 batteries inside, it does weigh a little under 300 grams so it's not really pocket-friendly. Otherwise, a great mod from Smoant!

The Voopo Drag 157W box mod comes with the zero-delay Gene chip, a sturdy zinc-aloy case and takes 2 18650 batteries.

The mod itself is quite chunky and will not appeal to all vapers but will certainly meet the needs of most. It's a reliable day to day mod with the buttons which are well made and clicky.

The bright display is easy to see in all kinds of lighting and the overall visual appeal is beyond expectations for a boxy-shaped mod.

The back panel is held in place by strong magnets which keep the batteries secure inside. It is, however, super-easy to replace the batteries. The variety of colors and designs makes it easy to choose the style of "Drag" you like. (hard to resist a pun... :-))

The VooPoo DRAG has loads of standard specs and features. All the settings and stats are there for maximum customization. But where the VooPoo DRAG really shines is the performance.

It fires lightning-fast and it's spot on as regards  accuracy in both wattage and TC mode. The GENE chip which powers the VooPoo DRAG is frequently compared to EVOLV’s DNA 200 chip but the GENE chip comes at a really affordable price and is as accurate. It fires faster than DNA 200 as far as I've been able to test it.

This chipset from GENE a real deal and you can expect more mods powered by it this year. No complaints from the proud users (myself included) so far.

The Modefined Sirius is both rugged and classy - a combo of features which is so rare on the best box mods market.
The smooth machining of the diecast zinc alloy frame is complemented with plates of anodized aluminum, and a nickel-plated 510 connection.

The 30mm-wide top plate is bolted down, and the 510 connection is super-solid. The 510 can take most atomizers, RDAs and tanks without overhang. The very top of the Modefined Sirius will likely survive falls and, although I'm ever so gentle with my mods, this one is a tough cookie as regards to the usual scratches and dents.

Using the bright 0.96-inch full-color TFT screen, both novice vapers and veterans will navigate the Sirius menus easily and quickly. It's so simple to tap the action button, make the necessary adjustments, and save the settings with another tap of the action button. 

In power/wattage mode, the Modefined Sirius performs as expected with a slightly shorter battery life past the 100W mark. I rarely go over 80W but it's worth noting this for all the power freaks and cloud chasers out there.

The zinc alloy exterior does not get warm though, even when consistently vaping at 100-150W power. As for the temperature control, the Modefined Sirius performs equally well with whatever coils you throw at it. Ni200, Titanium and stainless steel coils perform equally well and with no quirks.

Although the on-board 2-amp charging works well and gets 18650s to full charge in approximately 2.5 hours, we still recommend external charging. It's still good to have a reliable on-board charging if you're away from home and the batteries get low, however.

Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 300w TC Box Mod offers 300 watts of power and holds up to 3 18650 batteries for a serious battery life.

It's much smaller, lighter and more ergonmic version of RX Gen 2 box mod which was quite bulky.

With the dimensions of 113.7mm x 48.8mm x 39.3mm, the RX Gen 3 is the smallest 3 battery box mod. It's actually smaller than quite a few dual 18650 mods so even if you don't need 300W,  it offers better autonomy. 

Gen 3 is also the sleekest of all the mods in the RX line with a little different designed and a futuristic front plate which seamlessly surrounds the screen.

The well-known JayBo signature firing button and the usual up and down wattage buttons located below it respond well to touch. This makes using the mod easy, smooth, and quiet.

The display features the upgraded UI which is more readable and displays all the necessary info.

The RX Gen 3 comes with a hinged battery compartment which has a spring-loaded latch to easily pop the battery door open. The hinge could be stronger considering the fact that it has to keep 3 18650 batteries tight and secure.

Gen 3 features a completely new spring loaded 510 connection that promises to surpass the imperfections of 510s of the previous models. It's built into the body of the mod to ensure stability of connection and durability. It can take atomizers up to 25mm in diameter. ​

Overall, RX Gen3 is definitely one of the best box mods in the triple 18650 category.

Invoke 220W TC Box Mod from Eleaf is by far the smallest dual 18650 box mod I've used so far. Despite the very affordable price, this tiny fella is we-ll made, looks good and packs a serious punch.

Out of the box, the first feature you'll notice once you pop in 2 18650 batteries is a huge screen. It's super-easy to read and has all the information as usual, including the 2 separate battery indicators

The buttons are solid quality, comfy and there is no rattle.

The invoke has a body made of zinc-aluminium alloy. It's as ergonomic as they get with the rounded sides and the dimensions of 118 x 44 x 26mm. The mod is really light in weight although it houses two 18650 batteries. Under the hinged battery door (not exactly top-notch but really solid build door for the price) there are clearly visible orientation points for both batteries.

The menu is fairly standard for Eleaf devices and you get the usual variable wattage (power mode) TC and TCR as well as customization options. 

The 510 connection is a centered, spring loaded, gold plated and has SS threads. Because of the central position of the 510, Invoke can take atomizers up to 25mm in diameter.

I haven't noticed any bugs except for the slightly uneven battery charge indicators. The mod has a quick 2A charger and drains the batteries pretty evenly. 

To wrap up, Eleaf Invoke is a great buy as it offers a solid build and performance at a really affordable price. I recommend the mod in black color as it does look awesome and the paint promises to hold on well when used normally. I'm not using a silicone case for the Invoke and after a few months it's still in mint condition.