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  • 6 BEST SQUONK MOD Reviews of 2018 | Mech, Regulated and DNA Squonker

6 BEST SQUONK MOD Reviews of 2018 | Mech, Regulated and DNA Squonker

The best Squonk Mods are super convenient

If you like using RDAs, get one of the best squonk mods to make your vaping experience super convenient!

Compared with using an RDA and constantly dripping, with a squonk box mod, you can do it on the go thanks to the included squonk bottle. Just squeeze the squonk bottle, the juice will feed your favorite RDA using the bottom feeding pin and you're good for a tasty drag. Now, how cool is that?

Since the popularity of squonk mods is on the rise, we expect to see a lot of great models this year. For now, read our reviews of the best squonk mods to date!


Best features:


New DNA 75C chipset

Color Screen

7ml Soft Silicon Refilling Bottle

Threaded 30ml Refilling Squeeze Bottle


Rigmod Hotcig Squonk RSQ 80W Box Mod

Waterproof HM Chipset by Hotcig

OLED screen

Firmware Upgradeable

Breathing RGB LED Light


Pulse BF MOD by Vandy Vape

Compatible with both 20700 and 18650 battery

8ml food grade silicone bottle

Replaceable front and back panels


Capo Squonk Box Mod by Ijoy

Regulated Squonk Mod

Spare Squonk Bottle

20700 battery included


Gbox 200W by Geekvape

Dual 18650 High-Amp Battery configuration

Maximum Wattage Output: 200W

TCR & VPC Adjustments


Eleaf Pico Squeeze

Direct Output Voltage

Reverse Polarity Protection

Easy Single Button Operation



Squonking is a style of vaping where you have to squeeze the bottle with the e-liquid which is inside the squonk box mod. This makes the e juice travel upwards through the bottom-feeding 510 pin connection straight into your RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer). When the bottle is released, all the excess e-liquid that's left in the RDA is sucked back into the bottle as the bottle is getting back into its original shape.

The squonking bottles included in the best squonk mods usually hold about 7ml or 8ml of vape juice. This amount of e-liquid is super generous even when compared to most tank atomizers which have 4-5ml vape juice capacity.

Squonking is very convenient because there are no more frequent refills of your RDAs. In addition, leaking and over dripping is minimized because the excess e-liquid ends up back inside the squonk bottle. 

Here are our top six picks in the best squonk mods category. We hope to help you find your new favorite squonker! Read on!

The Lost Vape Therion BF DNA 75C is an excellent regulated squonker with awesome build quality to it. The Therion BF DNA 75C is powered by a new generation of DNA board and color screen. This is the only squonk mod with the new DNA 75C board on the market right now. This is a huge plus because DNA boards deliver high performance and provide great TC vaping

Therion BF DNA 75C comes with silver and black frame and with alot of different materials, patterns,and colors for the battery door. This makes it highly customizable because of all aftermarket doors available in different colors and materials. The door is a typical C-frame door.

The squonk bottle on Therion BF DNA 75C is claimed to be one of the best squonker bottles out there. It's soft silicone bottle with a 7ml capacity. It feels great while squonking and takes just about the right amount of sqeezing to wick your BF RDA.

Lost Vape is famous for delivering supreme quality mods with DNA Chip board inside and Therion BF DNA 75C is no exception. This is why Therion is one of the most beautiful mods on the market today. Even though this mod is on the high-end side, as far as the price point goes for a squonker, it has a lot to offer for the money. Overall, probably one of the best squonk mods to date!

The Hotcig RSQ 80W is one of the most affordable and smallest regulated squonk mods. The RSQ has a beautifully machined zinc alloy chassis and a carbon fiber door. It comes with four different color options to choose from. The chipset that powers the RSQ 80W is HM 80 watt. It's a waterproof and generally very quality firmware upgradeable Hotcig's board.

The Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W Squonk Box Mod is an outstanding collaboration with Hotcig to engineer an advanced bottom-feeding device for rebuildablesquonking enthusiasts. One of the best squonk mods for the price, the Rig Mod WW RSQ 80W is a compact on the go squonk mod. It is ideal for the vapers who need the functionality of the regular sized mod but in a more travel-friendly form.

The coolest extra feature of this squonk mod is the breathing RGB LED light that lights up your bottle when you fire the mod. There are four different color options and also the option to turn it off. The Hotcig RSQ 80W comes with two bottles for e juice for squonking, one silicone bottle and one plastic, both of 7ml capacity.

The Pulse BF is unregulated mechanical squonk box mod. It’s lightweight and ergonomi, which are the first features you notice from the moment you grab the mod. The material that Vandy Vape used is a combination of nylon and ABS plastic, so the mod feels extremely solid as well as comfortable in the hand. The Vandy Vape Pulse BF takes only one battery, but there is an option between a 21700 or, thanks to the adapter included in the kit, an 18650 battery.

On the front panel is a large, slightly protruding chrome looking fire button with a big ring around that is also done in chrome. The button has quite a long throw to prevent accidental firing.

Right below it is a Pulse engraved emblem. The side panels are removable and there is a huge collection of different colors and styles to choose from.
Inside the Pulse BF Squonk mod is a food-grade silicone bottle, easy to squeeze and with 8ml capacity for e juice. It’s very easy to top up the bottle with juice and put it back in the mod. Replacing the battery is also a breeze unlike some of the best squonk mods which offer less conveience.
While this is most definitely not a device for beginner vapers, anyone with experience in using unregulated mods, RDAs a working knowledge of Ohm’s law and conductivity will find this device easy to use.

The IJOY CAPO Squonk is a regulated device that comes with one 21700 battery of a 3750 mAh, which is included in the kit. Adapter for 18650 is also included in the package. It's the first Squonk Mod that can provide a maximum of 100 watts output on a single battery configuration.

The screen is placed on the side panel and it's a little angled. Also, the screen is bright and easy to read and has all the relevant information on it. Two squonk bottles for e juice are included in the package, which is a cool bonus. Both with 9ml capacity, one dark and the other clear version have a harder plastic shell and squonk extremely well.

The iJoy Capo Squonker isn't perfect nor is it going to appeal to everyone, but it is the very solid, most straightforward, portable and accessible squonk mod on the market.

Geekvape GBOX 200W is a dual 18650 battery squonk device for experienced vapers who love the flavor and the block-long vape clouds. Quite large and bulky, it still feels good in the hand. This squonker has everything that any vaper could want: a wattage range up to 200W and temperature control SS/TC-Ti/TC-Ni/TCR as well as a bypass mode.

The Geekvape AS Chipset is the heart of GBOX 200W Squonk Mod. It is equipped with all standard safety and performance features. Compared to some other Geekvape devices, the GBOX 200W is a major improvement as regards to functionality and responsive firing. The bottle squeezes nicely and easily and has the capacity of 8ml of e-liquid.

Overall, the Geek Vape GBOX is a premium choice in the best squonk mods category. It offers vapers the best balance of power and battery life. The GBOX 200W mod is a go-to squonker for a rich flavor, great vapor production and the power to match.

Eleaf's first attempt at a squonker and they nailed it! Pico Squeeze squonk mod is a single 18650 battery mechanical squonker but with added safety features. It comes with a 6.5ml bottle capacity plastic bottle. It inherited the great look from widely accepted and hugely popular Eleaf Pico 75W, which means low profile above all.

Pico Squeeze is well made with the finish that has a real premium look to it. There are five color finishes available in black, white, silver, grey and hot pink. The mod itself fits the hand perfectly and is pocket-friendly.
The side-oriented bottle and power button are dead-easy to reach and operate. The LED battery indicator with 4 different flash signals of battery life is on the left side.

Eleaf Pico Squeeze is a small, lightweight and straightforward squonking mod appealing to most vapers. It offers a low-cost squonking experience with premium performance.

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