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6 Best RDA For Clouds | Read Our Cloudchasing Reviews

Best RDA for clouds

The best RDA for clouds takes chunky sub-ohm coils, a perfect amount of cotton wicking, and has massive airflow to produce thick, full-flavor clouds of your favorite juice!

The coils are so close to the mouthpiece that you get an amazing, full and rich vapor flavor!

Best RDAs for Cloud Chasing

RDA stands for a rebuildable dripping atomizer. Essentially, there is no tank to hold the juice. You have a building deck with posts to hold your coils, you wick the coil with cotton and you saturate the cotton by dripping juice straight onto it.

Since RDAs are predominantly designed for direct lung vaping, the coils are usually very low resistance (down to 0.10 ohms) and you use them at high wattages. What does that mean? The best RDAs for cloud chasing will produce massive clouds of delicious vapor!


Best features:


Drop RDA

Great for chunky builds

Excellent airflow design

Great flavor production


Iconic RDA by Vandy Vape

A great flavor RDA and a cloud chucker

True bottom airflow system

Excellent for squonking


Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA

Generous airflow system

Easy-to-build deck

Good flavor and great vapor production


Geekvape Peerless RDA

Extremely smooth airflow

One of the deeper juice wells on RDAs

Made for exotic coils One of the best RDAs for cloud chasing


Dovpo Bushido II RDA

Conical interior of the top cap for better flavor

Velocity style deck for easy building

Massive clouds and rich flavor output


Indulgence Mutation X V4S RDA

Cool design and great performance

No airflow restriction when wide open

Made for clouds without the loss of flavor


Best RDA For Clouds

Voted the best RDA in 2017, DROP RDA by Digiflavor features 4 large post holes which allow for easy coil placement, and maximum build space with open access to trim excess. Stepped airflow design provides precise control while maintaining an ultra smooth vaping experience.

The short, gold plated posts are positioned along the sides of the chamber, leaving the middle of the deck completely unobstructed. This allows you to make an ideal coil build ranging from chunky single coil builds to more complex dual or even quadruple coil monster setups.

In order to optimize the airflow across the coils, the airflow holes on the DROP RDA have a distinctive, T-Shaped layout on both sides of the top cap. The stepped interior of the top cap works together with these airflow inlets so that you finally get maximum customization of airflow and optimal flavor and vapor production with different kinds of setups.

DROP RDA truly excels in machining and vapor production with full flavor! The building is super-easy and you can fit in some true beasts of coils with little effort.

The Iconic RDA is a result of a collaboration between Vandy Vape and a very popular YouTube vape reviewer Mike Vapes. It’s 24mm wide and 25mm in height dual coil RDA with a spring-loaded clamp system and adjustable side and bottom airflow system.

Side airflow is cyclops-shaped slot and if you take a closer look at it, the airflow actually hits the bottom of the coil, so this makes it a true bottom airflow RDA. Below the cyclops air slots, there are also two other bottom airflow slots cut in the oval shape.

The juice well is 7.5mm deep. Three 810 drip tips are included in the package, a resin, Delrin and a frosted one.

Raising the squonking pin by 1mm up of the deck, Vandy Vape has made sure that when you squonk, not all of the juice will go back into the bottle. Generally, this RDA is a solid jack of all trades. A great flavor RDA and the best rda for clouds by Mike Vapes so far.

PULSE 24 BF RDA is a Tony B Project & Vandy Vape 24mm dual coil successor of its little brother Pulse 22. Typically for a Vandy Vape box, there are a few drip tips to chose from. Here you’ll get an 11mm Ultem as well as an 11mm Delrin drip tip. Both 11mm wide, the Ultem drip tip is a little wider on the exterior.

The generous airflow system is the same as on the Pulse 22 with airflow tubes angled downward towards the coil, but in this case, they are significantly shorter. Each tube measures 3 mm in diameter. The deck on the Pulse 24 is postless and while the whole atomizer is made out of 304 stainless steel the deck is 24-karat gold plated.

The juice well on the deck is 7mm deep. Vandy Vape Pulse RDA 24 is excellent in flavor production as well as in cloud chasing. This RDA is ahead of its time in the squonking market because you will need a dual battery mod to get the best of it while the market is flooded with single battery mods and very few dual-battery ones. Overall, a solid quality and a great performance!

Geekvape Peerless RDA comes with Ultem pre-installed top cap and drip tip integrated on it as one piece. A black top cap is also provided with an 810 or Goon style drip tip. On either side of the aluminum barrel, there are nine adjustable air hole slots. Either wide open, halfway open, or almost fully closed, the airflow on the Peerless is extremely smooth.

The whole base of the Geekvape Peerless RDA is gold plated as is the 510 pin. Two-post triple terminal design is where the Peerless deck sets itself apart from other RDAs. It’s made to be used for exotic type coils. Along the bottom of the post holes, there are really big four consecutive post holes in a row. For round wire builds, there is an additional post hole on top of the inner two large post holes.

The juice well is one of the deeper juice wells on RDAs with astounding 10mm. On the bottom of it, there is a little hole that allows the juice to flow freely between both sides of the deck. It ensures that the juice is evenly distributed between the wicks. To sum up, one of the best RDA for clouds!

Pack-Man looking, when it’s opened, a flip open style top cap is one of two caps the Dovpo Bushido II RDA comes with. There is a stainless steel plug with an o-ring around it that plugs up the hole when the top cap is closed. The top cap is 510 drip tip compatible and one of two included drip tips is made of resin. A cool addition! 

The interior of the top cap is extremely conical for better flavor. The other top cap has 810 Goon style Delrin drip tip and it doesn’t have a flip open top. What it does have is a very conical design to it, again for the purpose of enhancing the flavor. Both top caps are extremely high polished with a mirror-like finish. Dovpo Bushido II RDA is a bottom airflow RDA with dual, non-adjustable airflow ports on the base.

The deck is a velocity style deck with a mushroom or umbrella looking piece in the middle of the posts. Under the umbrella, there is airflow feed via the bottom of the base. The umbrella feature, at the same time, disperses the liquid over coils while dripping. Because the airflow is so high and under the umbrella, Dovpo Bushido II RDA can be loaded with plenty of wicking material. The end result: one of the best RDA for clouds atomizer which produces massive clouds and rich flavor!

The Mutation X V4S RDA is similar as The Mutation X V4 but now with the better performing Velocity-style deck. The deck features 2.3mm post-holes.The airflow is provided from the side and from the bottom. You can have both airflow options at the same time: bottom only or side only. 

There is also a single coil option in all the three configurations, which adds to the overall versatility of this best RDA for clouds from Indulgence. Wide open, there is literally no airflow restriction whatsoever. The juice well is 5mm deep. The top of the well sits flush with the bottom airflow ledge. The bottom airflow inlets are a flat platform.

Indulgence Mutation X V4S RDA comes with a cooling adapter/chamber extender and it is definitely a rebuildable dripping atomizer that can run hot builds, preferably 0.3 ohms and lower or series builds with higher resistance coils. A real innovative vape RDA from Indulgence and well-worth trying out!

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What are your suggestions for the best rdas for cloud chasing?

What is your best RDA for clods? Leave us your favorites in the comment section.