Joyetech CuBox Starter Kit Review

Joyetect CuBox Starter Kit

Joyetect CuBox Starter Kit Review

‚ÄčJoyetech CuBox Starter Kit  arrived for the purpose of this review from BuyBest. The kit consists of the CuBox box mod which is well-built, ergonomic and light-weight with basic functions which will suit a novice vaper. The other component is the Cubis 2 tank which is easy to use and features a convenient top-fill system.

Whats in the box

CuBox kit what's in the box

The standard protective cardboard box from Joyetech contains the Cubox mod, the Cubis 2 tank plus the following:

2 x ProC-BF 0.6ohm head
1 x 510 mouthpiece
1 x Spare glass tube
1 x QC USB cable
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty card
1 x Spare parts

As you can see, you get everything to start vaping as soon as you read the manual and get familiar with the basic functions of the CuBox and the way Cubis 2 tank is filled. Prime the coil head, install it into the tank, fill the tank  with your favorite e-juice and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and you're good to go!

The CuBox mod

First off, the CuBox is not a fully regulated box mod. It does have the needed protection features like short-circuit protection, battery overheating protection and the electronics which control the built-in 2A fast USB charging and the top display  with five LED lights which indicate your current battery charge.

Apart from this, there are no other functions or features to fiddle with, which may be a great option for novice vapers. There's a large firing button and that's it.

The big firing button is solid quality, has a good tactile response and causes no misfire problems. The CuBox fires with next to zero delay, which was a pleasant surprise considering its price point. 

The mod design and ergonomics

The CuBox features an ergonomic, oval design. It sits nicely in the hand and wieghs the total of 135 grams with the Cubis 2 tank on. The dimensions of the mod are 67mm x 40mm x 22mm, which makes it super-stealthy for the battery capacity and power it offers.

If you are looking for a mod with a compact design and light enough to be carried around when you're on the go, the Cubox is definitely of the smallest and lightest mods out there with enough battery life for the whole day of vaping.

The aluminum body seems sturdy enough and the finish is yet to stand the test of time as regards the durability and resistance to scratching. The mod does offer a non-slippery grip, though.

Cubox feels well in the hand

The battery life

CuBox USB port

The battery capacity of 3000mAh will definitely be sufficient enough for the whole day of vaping. It's an internal battery which consists of two batteries connected in parallel which allows for such a good battery life.

In fact, when I did the calculations, it added up to slightly higher capacity than the rated 3000mAh, which is great. The battery is charged internally using the 2A USB port.

I would have preferred if the charging port was further down and away from the atomizer in order to prevent the e-liquid getting into it in case of leaks.  

The 510 and the LED screen

Testing the Joyetech CuBox mode, I found no major cons with the way it works or with its design, except for the 510 connection.

It does have a tight fit and the spring-loaded positive pin has a nice throw to it. However, the 510 connection itself is slightly raised from the top panel of the CuBox mod. As a result, the atomizer's base, Cubis 2 or any other I have, do not sit flush with the mod.

The 1mm gap may not be a big deal to most people, but it;s worth mentioning that it may cause problems with reading the resistance over time. This is because the 510 connection will bear more stress the way it's designed than if the mods were flush and touching the top of the mod firmly when screwed on. The only plus with this design is that the paint around the 510 won't get damaged.

CuBox 510 and display

As for the LED screen, it does complement the mod nicely and has easily readable battery levels in 5 stages. Other then these and the Joyetech logo, there's not much more to it.

The Cubis 2 tank

Cubis 2 tank top view

Although it might seem as a DL style tank, the Cubis 2 tank is actually MTL. A very, and I mean very restricted DL at best.

It comes with two ProC-BF coil heads rated at 0.6 Ohms and the overal capacity of the tank is 3.5mil for standard edition and there is also a TPD compliant 2mil version available.

The coil heads for Cubis 1 are not compatible with Cubis 2. ProC-BF coil heads are simply not good enough for me.  

To start with the wicking, this is very slow and the reason may be the position of the wicking holes which are on the bottom and not on the sides (which is the standard position). The holes are also smallish.

The top-fill system is nicely done, however. All you need to do is twist the top cap to the stopper and flip open the cap. The filling ports are nice size and all bottles will fit easily. The tank is also child-proof, which is another great feature of Cubis 2.

How does the Cubis 2 vape? I'd say the vape is average but considering the fact that this is a very affordable starter kit it is OK for novice vapers. 

There is enough vapor and flavor but in general, the tank is not of the same quality as the mod. There is occasional light gurgling and a dry hit if you chain vape because of the slow wicking.

After all, you can use another tank and keep the Cubis 2 on hand as a backup. If you're just starting vaping, Cubis 2 will serve its purpose for a while.

Cubis 2 tank top fill system fully open
Cubis 2 tank extended MTL drip tip configuration

The drip tip which comes with the Cubis 2 is designed a little odd, to say the least. The original drip tip is put onto the top cap drip tip extension.

This one feels to wide but when you try to use the narrow additional DT, it actually goes inside the stock drip tip which looks a little odd and also raises the profile of the whole tank a little. Since this is a matter of preference, no complaints here.

The Joyetech CuBox Starter Kit Summary

Overall, this is a solid quality starter kit for new vapers, especially those who would find numerous options like variable voltage/watage, TC and pre-heat as well as custom setting simply too much to deal with.

The CuBox mod is a good quality unregulated mod but with all the protection features. It has a great battery life for such a small size and a very nice form factor.

Light-weight and stealthy, the CuBox is a great mod when you are up and about. The Cubis 2 tank is of average quality but a decent option for the price as long as Joyetech improves the coil heads for it and release them soon. This would increase the Cubis 2 rating and improve its performance significantly.

Many thanks to the kind staff from BuyBest for the review samples!