How to Choose a Vape in 2018

How to Choose a Vape in 2018
How to Choose the best Vape in 2018

Is buying a new vape so difficult that you actually need a guide how to choose a vape in 2018? It friggin' seams so, but is it really?

The vape market is flooded with new vape gear. Every day there are new arrivals, hot mods and tanks and vapes on preorder.  Is that a bad thing? Well, of course not!

There are new chips for box mods, improved tanks, cool vape juices and the strong competition drives vape industry towards better quality and lower prices. 

What's the problem then? Well, choosing and buying new vapes has become overwhelming even for advanced and experienced vapers, let alone for newcomers.

Do you really need to buy a new vape?

How to Choose a Vape in 2018 topsixdeals

This is the first question you should ask yourself! If your current vape gear includes 2-3 mods and 4-5 atomizers which are all working fine and you have other things to buy like nicotine base, you may not need to go through unnecessary expenses.

Got bored? It's cheaper to try out new vape juice or a new wicking cotton pack or a few new coils, maybe?

How about getting some building tools and start making your own coils?
You can also get an external charger for your batteries if you don't have one.

Are you a novice vaper?

If you only have one mod and one atomizer, then by all means, get a backup vape kit or buy a mod and a tank separately.

What will you do if your only piece of vape gear breaks? Rush and buy the first kit you stumble upon? Ask a buddy for a spare? Go and buy a pack of smokes?

Nah... This scenario screams buy backup gear for your peace of mind. Choose a starter kit or a mod and a tank or two that fit your budget and meet your needs as a vaper. There's a long road ahead of you so no need to rush. However, you need to start thinking about how to choose a vape in 2018.

How to Choose a Vape in 2018

Are you a vape hobbyist? 

What if you are a vaping enthusiast and you have countless e-mails with coupons and discount codes? Well, if there's a mod you've always wanted now on sale, get it! 

However, if there's a mod on preorder which may or may not be your next big vape thing and you know little about it, what's the rush? Wait until it arrives, people buy it and you can read the reviews and make an educated decision whether you want it or not.

A few tips about how to choose a vape in 2018

Slow down, choose carefully and plan a purchase of vape gear wisely. Maybe save a sum and put it aside and by the time you decide to get a new mod or and RDA, there will be one just the way you like it. Don't be hasty!

You need to know what you are buying! I cannot stress this enough. You must have a clear idea how to use your new vape gear. Don't buy a device and start familiarizing yourself with it only after the gear has arrived.

If you buy a mod or a tank that you will not know how to use, you will simply waste your money. Research and learn first, buy later! That's the way to go in order to figure out how to choose a vape in 2018!

Check for the best vape deals that online vape shops have to offer

Unless you're an impulsive buyer by nature, I sincerely recommend checking as many online vape shops as you can for the same RDA, subohm tank or a mod. Why not save a few bucks if you can get a better deal in a certain shop?

There are shops where you also get free shipping, collect reward points and have regular sale or clearance deals. Use every chance you get to buy a reliable piece of vape gear when it's on sale: vape mods and tanks are disappearing overnight and then one day you will see the dreaded OUT OF STOCK.

So many great mods have been trendy and all of a sudden they're gone. Puff... The manufacturer's seam to be competing who's gonna put out more gear on monthly basis. 

Are the novelty features necessarily the selling point? Should you look for a vape kit just because a YouTuber used it for a day and said "This is awesome, I love it! Hell, no! Go to online vape shops and read the reviews of buyers, they're more honest and have probably used the gear longer than an average video reviewer who's snowed under with vape mail. How to choose a vape in 2018 requires some patience and research, so start now!

How to Buy a Vape in 2018

Buy the vape gear that suits your style and meets your needs

Don't get a 220W mod if you're vaping at 10-20W MTL style! You will be better of with a much cheaper single 18650 60-80W mod and use the money you saved for  few extra batteries for more vape time or some new vape juices.

As for those of you who are DL vapers, why buy a tank which has a 2ml capacity just because it's hyped up OR unbelievably cheap? 

Go for 4-6mils so you don't burn trough a small tank faster than you can say "Where's all the juice gone? Add a few bucks and buy a beast of a tank so you don't refill every half an hour. 

You like RDAs? Get a squonk mod that you really like in terms of how you like your vape: save some money and buy a regulated squonk mods if you like steady and even vape. If you don't mind the "mechanical" feel of cheaper unregulated mods you'll probably get two mechs for the price of one regulated!

My point is, how to choose a vape in 2018 is not that dificult. There are mods, and tanks, and RDAs for every budget and every style, as long as you do a little planning before yelling ecstatically "In da cart, baby!"

That's all for now about how to choose a vape in 2018! Happy shopping to all ya good people! And vape on!